Over 20 Years’ of Technical Staffing Services…. We Produce When Other Agencies Fail!

Tech Agents

Building on over 20 years of unrivaled success in the Information Technology industries, HBT is the premier boutique staffing agency for any individual or organization seeking to add exceptional value to their endeavors through advanced technology solutions. Our mission is to deliver the most cost-effective staffing solutions, while maintaining the highest level of service and accountability with our customers.

The Talent

HBT Agency represents some of the top technologist and scientist in the world. Setting the industry benchmark in providing its clients with unparalleled personal attention and service. The agency, which represents numerous world-renowned standouts, works to assist in reaching their maximum potential, professionally and financially

Our Customers Can Count on Us!

We pride ourselves with providing innovative technology solutions to our customers. We succeed where other well-known agencies and consulting firms have failed. Our ability to fill niche skills or to find talent who may be in high demand is surpassed by none. We lend this to our ability to develop and maintain relationships over the past 20 years.